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  1. Dr. Amir Faizi
    Dr. Amir Faizi
    We offer various advance dental procedures in house for our patients and we are determined to continue and deliver the outstanding service our patients deserve.
  2. Sandy, Our Receptionist
    Sandy, Our Receptionist
    At Sharbot Lake Dental Clinic, we have been providing dental care to our community for over 3 decades and we strive to continue providing the best care possible for you and your family.
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  1. Preventive Dentistry
    Oral Hygiene Instructions Scaling Root Planing Tooth Whitening Understanding Gum Disease Pit & Fissure Sealants Xrays
  2. Implant Dentistry
    Dental Implants Root Canals Scaling vs. Root Planing Mild Sleep / Sedation Dentistry Nitrous Sedation TMJ Syndrome X-Ray Safety Wisdom Teeth Extration Oral Surgery
  3. Cosmetic Dentistry
    Complete Denture Partial Denture Cosmetic Bonding Crown & Bridge Crown Lengthening Porcelain Veneers Posterior Tooth Replacements
  4. Orthodontics
    Full Braces Invisalign Space Correction Crowding Correction Functional Appliance